Information for Sellers and Buyers


     Prior to selling a property in Hickory Hills, please be aware of this information;

1.  Real estate signs are not allowed on the land/property.  You can place them on a porch or window,

2.  A resale certificate costs $150.00.  A notice period of ten days or more, must be given.  In order to receive one, all past dues must be paid up, as well as any interest from past dues and any citations or fines. Please note that 10 days advance notice, after request form is submitted, is required to obtain a resale certificate.  REQUEST FOR RESALE CERTIFICATE - Document.

3.  Hickory Hills Property Owner's Association is not in the business of selling or buying houses.  We do not recommend one website, realtor, abstract company or lawyer over another.  

4. Please make sure you have a valid and official resale certificate before proceeding.  A valid resale certificate will include these elements; Numbered with a unique HHPOA coding system (this coding system insures that each resale certificate is unique) and stamped with the official seal of Hickory Hills Property Owners Association.  Additionally, the original document filed in the HHPOA office, must include unique identifiers (at least one other feature), which can be verified by the HHPOA office.  A valid resale certificate must be provided to your buyer, as set forth in the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act.


     Welcome to the Hickory Hills community!  Please take a moment to pick up a welcome packet at the office.  Our address is 20 Hickory Hills Drive.

     While you're there, you can get a car sticker for use of the dumpster.  All we need is a copy of your registration.

     The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Pool passes can be procured at the office.  All we ask is that you are in good standing (dues up to date).

     The office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 3pm, as well as Saturday 11am to 3pm.  Our monthly community meetings are held the first Saturday of every month.  Come enjoy some coffee and get to know your neighbors!

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