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Welcome to the Hickory Hills website; 

     We'd like to share some important information with you, to expedite the process of selling in Hickory Hills.

1.  You, as the realtor, or the seller of the property need to request a resale certificate.  The fee is $150.00, per property. If a seller is selling a house and a lot, it is two properties. 

2. A request for a resale certificate must have 10 or more days notice. The seller will need to pay any past dues and/or interest on past dues (including any citations or fines) prior to receiving a resale certificate.Please remember that the request for resale document must be filled out completely/fully.  Otherwise, the process will take longer to complete, due to not having the information we need in order to create the resale certificate document. Our resale certificate contains our "Right of First Refusal" page.  We do not charge extra for this.  You can find the 2019 version of our  REQUEST FOR RESALE CERTIFICATE form on our site.  Simply click the link or visit our documents page.

3.  Per our rules and regulations, signs are not allowed on the property/land itself. If the seller is selling a house, they are allowed to advertise on their porch or in a window.  If it is a lot, other methods should be employed.

4.  Please make sure you have a valid and official resale certificate before proceeding.  A valid resale certificate will include these elements; Numbered with a unique HHPOA coding system (this coding system insures that each resale certificate is unique) and stamped with the official seal of Hickory Hills Property Owners Association.  Additionally, the original document filed in the HHPOA office, must include unique identifiers (at least one other feature), which can be verified by the HHPOA office.  A valid resale certificate must be provided to your buyer, as set forth in the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act.

Our fee structure is as follows;

Yearly House Dues (often pro-rated) - $540.00 per year (our fiscal year runs April 1st to Mach 31st)

Yearly Lot Dues (often pro-rated) - $270.00 per fiscal year.


$540.00 per house and $270.00 per lot.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at the office.  Our number is (570)443-8108


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